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The roots of the name (Treasure) go back to 1963. That year the lead ship of the US NAVY Thresher submarine class sank during a diving test. The submarine /SSN-593/ USS Thresher sank with all hands.

The news of the accident reached Hungary behind the so called "iron curtain" as well. Some young people - in honour of the seamen - named their forming beatband after the ship. It was also a "rebellion" from their side, as everything was prohibited that came from the West that time /even the music/.

Some years later a young guy - the son of one band member - heard about the accident from his father, who remembered the name "Strangers". Later it turned out that it was "Treasure". No wonder that there was no reliable information on the name as in the communism, english language speakers were "shady" persons and the obligatory language - you could learn in school - was russian. After the change of the regime it turned out that the name of the ship was Thresher.

The founder of the company was born in 26 May in Budapest. At the age of 6 he established his first "band". After that - and some years later - he begun to play and learn classical guitar. Besides he is a self-taught keyboard player and drummer who likes to write songs and lyrics - however in his opinion it sounds very sententious - :).

Since 1997 he has been playing the drums and from 1999 to march 2012 in a band called The Shades. He has been interested in studios and recording techniques since his childhood. He made his first "dubbings" that time as well, however he did not even know this word that time. It is true that in those days it was enough a tape/casette recorder and a bicycle lamp for a recording session.

Treasure Music was established because of that aim to bring back some of the sounds and feelings of that musical era that the founder of Treasure Music has been missing for a long - long time from nowadays' music.

Company Name:
Treasure Music Inc.

Company Name in hungarian:
Treasure Music Kft.


9003 Songwriting, producing
5920 Sound recording, producing
9001 Performing
9002 Performing supplement acts
6209 Other IT services

Trade Register No.: Cg. 01-09-922480

Bank Account No.: 17000019-12420285

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Stúdió munka
Amikor Zoli dobol
Kritikus fül
Drum tracking
Wokstation work
Stúdió munka

Studio Work

Zoli is making some mobile studio work with The Shades. The band has made several recordings with his help.

Sat AUG 22, 19:13 PM © Treasure Music

Amikor Zoli dobol

When Zoli is drumming

It is not a secret, that Zoli is a drummer. The band is happy about that because this way the recording costs are fairly low, therefore the guys excuse Zoli's drumming. :)

Sat AUG 22, 19:26 PM © Treasure Music



Sometimes it is time for relaxing. But not too much :)

Thu FEB 11, 16:42 PM © Treasure Music

Kritikus fül

Critical Listening

The problem is, that Zoli is very critical with the members of the band and even himself. He has got good ears, but he is quite far from perfect..and from Dumbo as well ;)

Sat AUG 22, 19:42 PM © Treasure Music

Drum Tracking

Drum Tracking

Zoli in studio with The Shades. Again in Phoenix Studio B where live drums sound so '60s. No wonder as the old mics and hardwares help to reach that great sound.

THU Oct 22, 18:26 PM © Treasure Music

Workstation work

Workstation work

Another mobile recording. There were no workstations (on the picture) in the '60s and '70s but it helps a lot to show the band how it should sound at the end.

THU Oct 22, 18:40 PM © Treasure Music

USS Thresher (SSN-593)


/Naval Historical Center/
USNHC # NH 97551

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